9 reasons to come to Casa Lemmi

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Relaxation, Wellness , Love, Sympathy , Empathy , Mystery, Beauty, Art , Environment .

1 Priscilla : the magic bath with warm salt water d ‘ summer and winter envelops you with warmth, color , beautiful music of the past.

2 Our small spa ” Carpe diem” where expert hands know dissolve pain and joy to solving many problems of beauty.

3 The love for oneself and for others that is awakened in the silence and peace of the “Room ” that you have chosen feeling it closer to you, each different from the others and not trivial. Because you ‘re not trivial.

4 Casa Lemmi is not a hotel , but an ‘old house b & b family : we are pleased and proud , because this is sympathy strike with the staff and guests that makes it easier to enter and exit as he wants, even with the car from the car park.

5 Casa Lemmi is a mystery that envelops you like that in front of the Collegiate , beautiful examples of Romanesque and mysterious Templar esoteric messages that greet you and waiting to be deciphered or even intuitive .

6 . “Inside to outside and outside to inside ” is our motto and explains that combines the beauty of the interior with that wonderful of external nature , and leads to spin and then come back .

7 Our breakfast is a world unto itself : nothing is missing and everything you can find . Just until dinner at some great local eatery .

8 Casa Lemmi is at the center of a wealth of art and culture unique in the world in no time visited Siena, Pienza , Montalcino, Florence , Arezzo, Perugia , Assisi, and many villages are waiting for you if you want to enrich your knowledge .

9: Why do so many guests asking to stay at Casa Lemmi and still want to return as soon as possible ?