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The city is a succession of memorable works: the peak of the walls there are the military’s Rocca Maggiore (XII century) and the smaller but more intense visual appeal comes from S. Francis, whose bodies (the lower of 1228-30, the top floor of 1230-53) was begun just two years after the death of the saint, in 1226. Cimabue, Giotto, the Lorenzetti brothers and Simone Martini’s eternal value donated paintings. Continues the succession of valuable artistic tests in Romanesque church of S. Rufino and the Gothic Basilica of St. Clear. Piazza del Comune, where St. Francis proclaimed the surrender to the comforts of patrician family, wedged between the Palazzo dei Priori and the people of the Roman temple of Minerva (I century BC), and hides in the basement of the Museum and the Roman Forum. The increase of the sacred and the Gallery of Contemporary Art: The De Chirico, Rosai, Greek, Carrà, Rouault (a few among the many present) are conjoined in a production entity Christological.