Casa Lemmi

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Built on the ruins of an ancient Etruscan , first, and then the Roman and situated next to a pagan temple above which was later built the present Collegiate Church Cathedral , Casa Lemmi is a condensed history, mysteries, magical atmosphere all ‘ now present in his room . This ancient dwelling already Templar , the seat of the Imperial Vicar in 1000 and the present structure dates back to Norman times , is now dedicated to his fate 6 rooms on the oldest part of the structure to the hospitality of the visitors who walk this part of Tuscany gently wild and untouched by modern industry. The names of the 6 rooms stem from past activities inside and connected to agriculture in recent centuries was the main activity of the family manor .
The Factor Room was once the seat of the farm and is facing the first portal of the Collegiate ; The Oliaia served as a warehouse for the jars with oil while the barn was used for storage of seed grain ; The Wine Room , so called because its parquet has been derived from staves of old barrels ; The Chamber of Vin Santo , which is the highest of Casa Lemmi , was used instead to contain the ” barrels ” of the wine destined to be just as the Vin Santo liqueur ; The Caciaia finally was dedicated to the storage room of the forms of pecorino cheese worked in the company for them to mature.
The rooms are all located around an ancient staircase topped by a glass dome which gives light to the whole; probably it was a religious structure of pagan origin .