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The remains of Etruscan walls hint at the magnificence of what was a defensive ring 2.6 km long, on the Medici (1550 ca.) stands the Fortezza del Girifalco, former stronghold of the Goths and Lombards garrisons. At the heart of this beautiful city, Piazza Signorelli recalls the famous painter who had the shop in Palazzo Casali (XIII century), now with Gian Gastone de ‘Medici (XVIII) home to the prestigious Accademia Etrusca, which the museum draws on the wealth with the Diocesan Chapter. We must leave to remain amazed by the imposing walls of the church of Our Lady of Calcinaio, grafting of the central provisions on the Latin cross from Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1502). A 5 km Le Celle Hermitage from Cortona, a pleasant retreat founded by St. Francis in 1211, still home to seven monks of the order.