The Garden

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The garden of Casa Lemmi, dominated on the left by a high wall covered with ivy and white jasmine, and right borders with other gardens in the past of the same property, located on an embankment built over the centuries to enable the defense area of ​​the castle walls San Quirico d’Orcia, which are located at the very end of the garden. In the embankment there were traces of ancient buildings belonging to the Etruscan-Roman Villa Patrizia who subsequently went down the drain as other monuments of antiquity.
Dominated by an old walnut, accompanied by a centuries-old cypress, opens towards the courtyard of an ancient travertine with a well coeval with the structure and surmounted by a canopy of red and white grapes and summer are the setting for those who want to rest without suffering too much sun. A portion in front of the tank acts as a magic Priscilla solarium, while a part is dedicated to parking for guests.