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The rebirth of art between the ’100 and ’500 is partially enclosed in Tuscany and in Umbria, between Siena, Arezzo, Florence, Pisa and many villages each with a pearl to show.

This is an itinerary which will take your breath away, whoever you are: from the first civilisations that colonised this land, Tuscany has never ceased to show an often unique sense of creativity. In the Romanesque buildings of worship we find the triumph of metaphysical beauty translated into the language of a sensitive world. Gothic churches were already soaring at the end of the 12th century, where verticalism and the desire for light coincided. The twelfth century saw the rise of a new power, the municipal administrative governments: circular town walls and municipal palaces arose proudly. In Siena and Perugia, sculpture became the guiding art under Nicola and Giovanni Pisano, whereas on the site of the basilica of Assisi ,Cimabue and Giotto reached the artistic hiatus which Vasari defines as “Latin”, in contrast with the “Greek” style of the Byzantines which had dominated until then. In the first half of the fourteenth century the great Sienese school of painting flourished under Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martini and the Lorenzetti brothers. Palaces of the nobility, those magnificent Renaissance examples in Tuscany overlooking the squares in carefully studied scenographies, embody the ideals described in the humanistic treatises. The fifteenth century was also the age of the Perugino and of Piero della Francesca, of the intense Signorelli and the bizarre Sodoma and gives way to a sixteenth century theatre of the final Tuscan splendours: a vast future, that of the European court, turns out the lights on the small towns of the region. And yet, if we wander around the villages and towns there is no lack of precious works of art, produced up until our times. Any eye that is accustomed to the past will be able to recognise them.

Towards the new art.


Towards Piero della Francesca

Borgo San Sepolcro

Towards the Monachesimo

Monte Oliveto
Sant’ Antimo

Towards the discovery of Umanismo

Sant’Anna in Canprena

Back to Medieval Umbria.


The medieval Tuscan

Castiglion d’Orcia
San Gimignano

Near Casa Lemmi


Between sea , mountain and maremma.

Abbadia San Salvatore
Massa Marittima