Magic Bath

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The Bed & Breakfast Casa Lemmi offers spectacular Magic Baths, which can be found down in the old cellars. Known as “Priscilla” as they are very old (from the Latin Prisca: ancient), tvasca magicahis is a precious space available to those who seek inner harmony, and hope to find a state of rest, peace and relaxation, through the combined use of water, light, colour and music.The floor here makes reference to the Cosmology of Pythagoras which is based – as is well known – on the origin of the universe through the four key elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Fire is placed at the centre of the universe, and is the principle of life and cosmic soul, around which revolve the Earth, the Moon, the planets, the sun and the sky of fixed stars. The celestial movements are eternal, because in them, through their circularity, the beginning and the end are reunited, much like many believe the soul has a series of periodic returns. And the body can, in contact with water, this primordial element, rediscover the balance of universal cycles. It was from this ancient insight that the philosophy that created Priscilla was born, because the person who follows their own path embodies these elements: the fire of continuously changing colours, the air that carries music when it harmonizes with the other elements, the earth from which we are born, and to which we always return, and water, that basic element into which one abandons oneself in the arms of Priscilla, whether it be for hydro-massage, bathing, enjoying music in the water, or guided diving down to the caves below. Priscilla is suited not only to summer use – when it is lit by five windows overlooking the garden which allow in the sunshine – but also to the autumn and winter, as it is always heated, with impressive visual effects during the long winter evenings. It is possible to follow the paths already in place, suggest your own music, or make use of your own personal music player. The access to Priscilla involves a one-off charge in the price of the room. Use of The Magique Bath is unique for one hour at room and it is necessary to book in advance. Access involves the use of towels / bathrobes, slippers and caps may be provided on site. Access in the Magic Bath is allowed only by signing