Double Classic “The Steward’s Room”

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The story of the “Room” is consistent “: It ‘is conceivable that in the Middle Ages and was the scene of attacks by bandits at home, and battles in the vicinity. Now after so many conflicts, peace reigns, and you can see from reading the first portal of the Collegiate, which is opposite and its atmosphere of complete relaxation. Appears suited to lovers of environmental situations collected, which pairs of lovers, young and not , for singles who seek themselves, older people who do not like the open spaces of other rooms or stand more than one flight of stairs. The name of the “Room” comes from the fact that up to 60 years in this room the “factor”, the representative of the ownership of the land as sharecroppers, he kept his business accounts, the farmers received for the control of this, and assisted the “master “in the annual meetings to define the portion of profit accruing to each. After the Second World War, these meetings were characterized by a strong due to the political climate of conflict.

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