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Here was born the humanist Ambrogini Agnolo, called Poliziano (1454-94), in the era of greatest splendor of the city, between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. PiazzaGrande is its root node: the Cathedral of St. Maria was built between 1592 and 1630 inthe tomb of Serbian Aragazzi sculpted by Bartolomeo Michelozzo (1427-36) and towers over the main altar of the Assumption of Taddeo di Bartolo (1401). Next to the politicaland religious power are supreme in noble architecture Michelozzo, Antonio da Sangallothe Elder and of Vignola, which continues into the craggy good looks stone streets of the town. On the road to Pienza is binding, isolated, the masterpiece of Antonio daSangallo the Elder, the church of San Biagio, modulation of monumental plasticgeometric shapes-all ’internal and externally-set on the typology of the central plan.