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The large trapezoid square, around which overlook the main buildings of Pienza, is known around the world. It is not as well known, however, the unique charm of the parishof Corsignano, which began as a baptistry along the rural road leading to the Adriatic.The structure, perhaps beginning in the seventh century, shows a pre-Romanesque bell tower in Lombard, a rarity in Tuscany. A large swarm of figures recalls the medievalbestiary ornaments full of symbolic meanings of the two portals. Scary mermaids,snakes, the wheel of life, lions all strong links with the Etruscan, Gallic classic, especiallyabout the devotion of the water deities. And the flowers, as well as triangles (stylizationof the Eucharistic cup) in the Grail legend include the presence of the sacrificial cup.Dionysian elements in the portal to the south (the snake and the screw): has longpersisted in the countryside, the agrarian rites and beliefs mystery